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ITOM Modules Blueprint – Overview

The ITOM Modules in ServiceNow can be tricky to wrap your head around. How is everything connected and tie together? In this blueprint by Einar & Partners research unit, we try to give a zoomed out perspective of the bits and pieces. The blueprint aims to simplify the components of the ITOM portfolio and show how it relates to Service Portfolio, ITSM, Automation & other areas of interest. Click on the link below to download the full blueprints (for free).

This image which has been developed by the Einar & Partners Research Unit shows, in an easy-to-understand way, how various parts in ServiceNow interact. It is probably the simplest way available to get a good overview of get a good overview of the ITOM (IT Operations Management) ecosystem.  

Starting all the way in the beginning of the Einar and Partners maturity Model with ITSM as a starting point for the simplified overview of the ITOM Ecosystem we can being to connect the dots for the other functions and how they interact.  

ITSM (IT Service Management) is most of the time the starting point for an IT-organization when it comes to taking their first steps towards implementing ITOM. This is natural as most organizations of some mentionable size need a helpdesk, ticketing system and knowledgebase. After that’s implemented and as the organisation grows there might be needs for more insight into the infrastructure of the organization and that’s where ITOM comes in. Not only does ITOM stand well on its own, but it also enhances the capabilities of ITSM.  

The cloud user portal is a direct enhancement of ITSM that comes as a part of cloud discovery. This portal allows the users to see all their cloud resources, the status of them and even provision new machines, internal policies allowing.  

The Discovery (the process of scanning the network for IP enabled items) process and the CMDB where the discovered data is stored on its part allows greater follow up in the ITSM processes, such as reporting and keeping a historical record of events.  

Combining ITSM and discovery you’re also able to implement automations such as password resets, process user requests and keep track of software installations.  

All of these functions can then further be enhanced by applying even more capabilities in the ServiceNow ITOM landscape to create even more insight into the infrastructure through service mapping, and the state of the infrastructure and the business impact of something that’s gone down by applying event management and AI Ops.  

Further information: 

Einar & Partners have an extensive catalogue of resources covering the Area of ITOM.  

To learn more about discovery, visit:  ServiceNow ITOM Discovery 

To learn more about  the CMDB, visit: ServiceNow ITOM CMDB 

To learn more about Service Mapping, visit: Service Mapping 

To learn more about Event management, visit: Event Management 

Who are we? 

Einar and Partners is a small but highly specialized company focused on the area of ITOM, IT Operations Management, where we provide advisory and guidance in how organisations are to implement solutions in that area. If you have any questions about the blueprint or ITOM in general, don’t hesitate to contact us at ping@einar.partners and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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About author

Alexander is the Managing Director of Einar & Partners. Highly passionate about the cultural and organizational components in ITOM transformations.
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