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Einar & Partners Research Unit: Leading Research in ITOM and AIOps

Curious to know what Einar & Partners research and develop? Since its inception, Einar & Partners Research Unit worked on pioneering ServiceNow ITOM and AIOps projects. Advancing our knowledge and insight in the most complex challenges when it comes to implementing various ITOM and AIOps solutions. What does the Einar & Partners Research Unit do exactly and why did we create such an initiative? Let me take you this time on an unprecedented journey. But first, let’s understand why research is needed and what is the value of it. 

Value of Research

At Einar & Partners Research Unit, we are dedicated to advancing knowledge and providing valuable insights to our clients. They differentiate themselves from their competitors with the insights and knowledge they receive from the Research Unit. In a world of constant change, the only constant is the need for new insights and perspectives. That is why the Research Unit has the mission to research strategies that work best to successfully implement ITOM and AIOps and deliver world-class projects. 

The value of research is therefore indispensable. Complex problems in this journey can only be tackled with data-driven solutions based on validated research.

More than a research: Benchmarking ServiceNow ITOM

It may be hard to quantify return on investment on ServiceNow ITOM products and services. Einar & Partners Research Unit surveyed more than 50+ real-life ITOM projects to gather unique quantitative data and insights into factors that deliver successful ITOM implementation and factors that cause costly delays. One thing is for sure that can be controlled for and guarantees increased return on investment. And that is following the best practices formulated in our benchmarking report based on evidence based research and expert insights. Because costly implementation delays can be minimized.

We will release the ServiceNow ITOM Benchmarks report soon. Follow us to get the latest insights in the industry-wide best practices, latest trends and challenges in implementing ServiceNow ITOM. 

How is the Research Unit organized?

The activities of the Research Unit revolves around 4 unique initiatives, these are:

  • ServiceNow Benchmarks
  • ITOM Bootcamps and Masterclasses
  • Research 
  • Reports

We continuously survey ITOM consultants and partners to gather real data on ITOM projects. Based on these data, we create benchmarks and present the insights in reports. We organize various ITOM Bootcamps and Masterclasses to share knowledge and the latest insights in ITOM with industry professionals. 

Another mission of the Research Unit is for example knowledge sharing with the ITOM community to further collaboration and understanding of ServiceNow ITOM products and services. We create content on ServiceNow ITOM with the best industry experts to provide a better understanding.

Last but not least, we conduct research and turn the most difficult concepts in ITOM and AIOps into practical knowledge and insight. The aim is to create awareness and understanding with deep-dives in ITOM and AIOps products and services. 

Research Unit in 2023 and beyond

Einar & Partners Research Unit continues to rapidly grow. We have many great activities planned for 2023. One of the new projects will be to tackle big ideas in ITOM and ITSM together with academia. We initiated the AIOps Research Hub together with world class researchers in order to co-create relevant, professional, impactful research which aims to help companies gain a competitive advantage and accelerate their innovation.

Are you interested in contributing to the cutting-edge content of the Research Unit or do you want to collaborate in creating the best content in ServiceNow ITOM and AIOps? Reach out to us and join us in creating a better world with ITOM and AIOps! 

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