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Share your experiences & data related to AIOps projects to create a better industry.

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Sharing experiences

Do you have experiences with implementing AIOps- & ITOM? Share your project experiences with us. Both for companies and consultants.

Share project data

Transparency about the time-to-value, cost of implementation, timelines and more. Our reports provide insight to an otherwise closed industry.

Share outcomes

How did it go after implementing AIOps? Did it lead to efficiency gains? Did it lead to improved operations? Share the "post project" experience with AIOps.

Your experience is valueable

Are you a decision maker or leader in IT? Are you a project lead who have worked on a AIOps project? Right now, we are looking for organizations and individuals who would like to share their experiences around AIOps transformations. Read more below.

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We're looking for ServiceNow ITOM Data

Industry Benchmarks

Implementation timelines

Required resources

Cost- & Financial aspects

Scope & Size

Implementation Challenges

"What went well?"

"What were the challenges?"

"Unforeseen roadblocks along the project?"

"How was the product promised?"

Project Results

How did the ITOM project turn out? We are looking for organizations who have implemented ITOM and want to share the experiences related to: ROI, Financial Impact, Efficiency gains, Improvements & other aspects.

Share data & improve the industry

The data you share is completely anonymous and will be used to provide insights that you directly can benefit from. When you contact us we will do an interview and start our data-gathering process.

Thanks to your transparency we can improve the implementation eco-system of ServiceNow; one report at the time.


The data is completely anonymous and follows a strict format for how we present and analyze it.

In-depth reports

The data is directly used in public reports and investigations with the aim to improve implementations.

Advice & Recommendations

After we're done we will give you advice and recommendations on how you can improve, optimize and increase the value of ServiceNow ITOM.