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Knowing the unknown is our goal

Einar & Partners research unit investigates the AIOps industry and market from multiple perspectives. Thanks to our network of research contributors, industry-experts and partners we measure the data that makes the difference in AIOps projects. 

Areas we research includes but are not limited to; Cost aspects, budgets, ROI, implementation timelines, platform benchmarks, stakeholder interviews and more. In other words, we take the pulse on the promises of the industry and if they really hold true.

We believe that any decision-maker or thought leader who wants to shape future IT Operating models should base decisions on less assumptions and more data. Our goal is to produce leading reports, unique content, in-depth articles and education related to AIOps. 

We don’t like sales; but we love knowledge. 

Einar & Partners Research team

Researchers & Authors

The Einar & Partners Research Unit consist of researchers and authors who does not only want to work in an industry, but work on an industry. Our authors connect across the world to produce the highest level of AIOps related content on the market.

Through co-operations with academia we apply leading research methodologies, which means all of our reports and benchmarks are delivered in a 100% transparent way. 

If you are interested in contributing with research, make sure to contact us today.

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Industry benchmarks for time-to-value, ROI, implementation timelines, cost aspects, challenges and more. You bring the questions, we bring the data.


Dynamic and interactive bootcamps related to AIOps strategy and ServiceNow ITOM. During our bootcamps attendees learn how AIOps is done in real life - not only on paper.


In-depth reports based on scientific methods, we produce the worlds leading analysis of AIOps, where the market is heading and what the current challenges are.

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