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Meet Our Research Team

Our researchers are an international team of connected thought leaders in AIOps & IT Operations.

Akif Baser Einar & Partners Research ITOM AIOps
Akif Baser

- R&D Lead, AIOps & Data Science @ Einar & Partners

Akif Baser is a multidisciplinary engineer with a passion for data science, artificial intelligence, investment, finance and quantum computing. Having a multidisciplinary background in data science, econometrics, artificial intelligence, chemical engineering, international relations and organizations, Akif has a keen interest and passion for research and advanced data analytics. 

With his experience as a data scientist at the Amsterdam Centre for Econometrics and Data Science and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Akif worked extensively with prominent research professors on developing advanced data analysis models for businesses and organizations. Bridging the gap between high, advanced academic knowledge and the need for applying that within businesses and organizations. 

He is also the founder of The Hague Peace Conference, which became an academic education program on diplomatic negotiations for Honours students at Leiden University Honours College. 

For his graduation in chemical engineering, he worked on research and development of new generation rocket fuel at TNO.

Michel Conter Einar & Partners Research ITOM AIOps
Michel Conter

- AIOps/ITOM Researcher @ Einar & Partners

Michel has a deep background in IT infrastructure- & IT Operations. Working out of Luxembourg, Michel is responsible for video content as well as in-depth analytical work at Einar & Partners Research Unit.

With special focus on strategy and ServiceNow ITOM, Michel has lead some of the worlds largest ITOM projects to success. A strongly community-driven person, he has a deep network in AIOps- & ITOM to stay on top of industry trends and news.

Einar & Partners Research Alex
Alexander Ljungstrom

- AIOps/ITOM Researcher @ Einar & Partners

Alexander Ljungström is a prolific writer and author of ServiceNow ITOM content. He is currently the managing director of Einar & Partners. Through his career, Alex has worked directly at ServiceNow in their ITOM team as well as lead the ITOM practice across EMEA for Fujitsu.

These days Alexander is heavily oriented towards developing frameworks, operating models and research within the area of ServiceNow ITOM. He also have an extensive experience with Machine Learning, Data-layers & CMDB.

Daniel-Fraga Contributor Researcher AIOps ITOM Einar Partners
Daniel Fraga

- ITOM & AIOps Research Contributor

Daniel Fraga is a long time ITSM practitioner and a ITOM enthusiast. Daniel joins the Research Unit to contribute with contents that aims to capture a comprehensive view of the customer perspective, implementation facts and good practices as well as foundational concepts addressed by the core technologies behind ITOM and its ITSM counterparts.

After almost 20 years of experience implementing and managing projects on ITSM (ITIL processes operations) and workflow automation over a proprietary platform, Daniel is a ServiceNow Product Owner with high focus on Data strategy and value, such as CSDM, to well support ITOM deployments.

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