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The most advanced ITOM Lab for ServiceNow in Europe ready at your fingertips.

ITOM Disovery

Includes 3 demo runs showing off the capabilities of

  • Agent-Based Discovery,
  • Agentless Discovery,
  • and Cloud Discovery.

This is the full suite of discovery capabilities in one of the most powerful CMDB automation solutions on the market.
The demo tracks under ITOM Discovery allow you to experience and see just how easy it is to do a Discovery rollout.

CMDB automation is at the heart of ITOM and the Agentless capabilities are standard practice to use in of ServiceNow ITOM. The ITOM demo track allows you to demonstrate just about everything about the agentless discovery including discovery runs, scheduling, standard error messages and what data is fetched. Perfect for creating your own in-house presentations with the custom data you want instead of the service now data, or use for a live demo.

Demo the capabilities of monitoring devices in high security environments where midservers can’t be located such as DMZs or install on machines where you are unable to ensure a reliable uptime during scheduled discovery runs.

Cloud Discovery allows you to demo the capabilities of automating the CMDB for cloud resources with a live cloud instance in the background.

This demo allows for trying out the most common approach to service mapping in ServiceNow is through pattern based service mapping. Through the use of similar procedures as in agentless discovery you instruct ServiceNow to automatically create service maps of your infrastructure.

A less common approach to service mapping but important none the less. Especially useful for when you have resources that aren’t aren’t discovered through horizontal discovery, for example cloud discovery.

Look at ready made service maps and what capabilities are there or create your own service maps using the live demo lab environment supplied by Einar and Partners

ITOM Service Mapping

Contains 3 different demo runs that allow for a great overview of how the Service Mapping capabilities function in ServiceNow as well as fully functioning Service Maps.

ITOM CMDB compliance

For making sure your CMDB is not just updated, but also up to date with all the most relevant information for your organisation we employ ITOM CMDB Compliance to make sure that all information has been added to the CMDB.

The ITOM CMDB compliance demo track contains 4 different demos that allow you to demo and experience how you manage Data relating to the CMDB in ServiceNow.

Monitor the overall quality of the CMDB and check on the progress of getting your CMDB up to the quality you desire with customizable benchmarks, all displayed with easy to access graphs.

Specify exactly what information that should be required or optional for each CI class. This in turn affects the results in the health dashboards.

  • Through the data certification process you are able to make sure that the correct people in charge of a specific CI approves the data that has been provided for that CI.
  • Demo what the process is like when it comes to data certification of a CI.

After the data certification is done it’s possible to make sure that all required data is submitted. This can be done through Auditing with scheduling.

This demo, in conjunction with the Data certification allow you to go through the same steps as you would go through in your own live environment, but with the infrastructure provided by Einar and Partners.

See what cloud resources you have up and running, are deallocated and what resources you have allocated means for.

Automate the uptime of servers, create standardised templates of what servers are allowed to be created in your cloud and assign that to specific user groups. This and much more is possible to do in this part of this part of the cloud management demo track

Overview the usage of cloud resources and the running cost of them, allocate resources, be it monetary resources or absolute numbers of machines or both. You can try out these functions and see how they are affected when creating actual resources using the allocated resources.

ITOM Cloud Management

ITOM Cloud management gives a demo track in 3 parts that give you an extra level of control of your cloud environment through different levels of management control including cost, resource overviews, and server automation.

With this demo consisting of three parts track you can try out in a live production environment what it’s like to manage your cloud environment through a ServiceNow instance.

Event Management

Event Management is part of ITOM Health and as the name suggests this demo track helps you keep track of the overall status of your infrastructure when it comes to events produced across all varieties of platforms, and helps you see how ServiceNow can help you reduce downtime, improve response times, as well as declutter your event management overviews, allowing your event management teams to focus on what’s important.

ServiceNow applies machine learning for anomaly detection, meaning the system is able to over time learn how your infrastructure is supposed to work and warn you if something unusual is going on.

With our lead researcher and specialist in machine learning you can get a deeper understanding of how the technology actually works.

The most important aspect of log analytics is the anomaly detection. As mentioned in the documentation  “Log Analytics discovers patterns in your log data and learns their unique data behavior.  

Through this demo it’s possible for you to see and what it would be like to see how ServiceNow treats anomalies in incoming data allowing for much faster response times when it comes to sudden changes, giving the ability to respond to a situation before it becomes an outage causing situation.

This part of the demo track will give you a chance to touch upon the noise reduction functionality of event management.

By noise reduction we mean that we take a look at incoming data and how it’s managed from a manual standpoint. The event management team will be happy to hear about de-cluttering their event feeds.


In this part you will be able to give tag based event clustering a go. This allows you to redirect and cluster your alerts using tags instead of the already existing groupings that are most commonly used.

Why should you use the ITOM lab?

The Einar&Partners ITOM lab is the most advanced ITOM Lab in Europe offering you unprecedented capabilities when it comes to experiencing ITOM capabilities in a real world setting.

With the Einar&Partners ITOM Lab you get access to the expertise of Einar&Partners as well as the infrastructure set up by us for use with ServiceNow ITOM, all ready to be connected to your instance.

Nowhere else in Europe is any similar service provided that offer an as extensive value proposition as this one. The live environment is specifically designed to make use of the ServiceNow capabilities, which is perfect for you to get a feeling for what it’s like using ITOM in a real world setting.

Use it for giving demonstrations, as a source for material for presentations or for workshops. The limits of what you are allowed or capable to do with it is up to your imagination.

Why have we set up the ITOM Lab?

The reason for Einar&Partners setting up the ITOM Lab grew out of an in house need for infrastructure to use in our own efforts to better ourselves when it comes to ITOM. In an every growing IT sector the changes to softwares and infrastructure is at an all time high. Therefor it was important for us to be on top of things and adapt to the times,
meaning we needed to have a live environment of our own where we could experiment with new features of the products we work on. It’s an ever evolving set of infrastructure both as machines go as well as application wise. This is now the same environment we allow access to for you, to allow you access to experience these same things as we use for consulting, teaching, and educating ourselves in the area of ITOM.

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