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ServiceNow ITOM Implementation Benchmarks

Discover industry-wide leading practices.


About the report

How do you optimize a ServiceNow ITOM project? What factors cause implementation delays? Why are some implementations more successful than others? Rolling out ServiceNow ITOM at scale is an artform with many factors impacting the implementation – but decision makers and IT leaders often lack the insights into the common pitfalls.  

For the past 24 months at Einar & Partners Research Unit, leading ITOM researchers have worked on more than 50 ITOM projects and are now taking their insights into the industry to the next level. We are proud to be able to present the most extensive in-depth report to-date; ServiceNow ITOM Implementation Benchmarks. 

ServiceNow ITOM Insights

Based on ITOM implementation data from over 10 industries, our partnership network and own engagements, we have analyzed and measured a multitude of factors related to: 

  • Factors causing project delays 
  • Leading industry practices for dealing with complex ITOM projects 
  • Success factors for preventing project delays next time 

Supported by solid research methodology and backed by validated project data, our leading industry experts have analyzed trends and discovered important factors to succeed with an ITOM implementation.  

For Who?

Our ServiceNow ITOM Implementation Benchmarks report is aimed towards consultants, key decision makers, architects, ITOM SME’s and other professionals who have a keen interest in learning in-depth details about implementing ServiceNow ITOM. 

Will It Interest Me?

The Benchmark report is perfectly suited for key decision makers and professionals that are keen to optimize their return on investment in ITOM; prevent or mitigate any delays that will cause budget overspending and to discover industry-wide leading practices to control factors causing delays.


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