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Event Management Rollout Framework


ServiceNow Operator WorkspaceEvent Management is one of the areas in the ServiceNow ITOM portfolio with greatest potential for generating tangible ROI & Results. If done the right way.

This extensive bootcamp takes place over the course of two- and a half day’s and is packed with fun challenges, group discussions, knowledge sharing and mentoring. Learn how to rollout Event Management successfully and at scale with the ServiceNow platform.

Theory vs reality is always different, and based on over 15 successful global rollouts we’ve condensed the lessons we’ve learned into a bootcamp format. Suited for senior consultants, architects, monitoring staff or product owners who are curious how an implementation looks in real life, our bootcamp provides an environment where participants learn by doing.

Master the political discussions, long-term roadmaps, best practices around technical configurations, onboarding of monitoring teams and other vital components of a rollout.

After the bootcamp you as a participant will go from “good” to “superstar” level when it comes to making decisions that matters for Event Management.

1:1 Mentoring

By industry leading ITOM experts

Collaborative peer environment

New professional relationships

Real-life challenges

No boring theory or death by powerpoint


The Event Management Rollout Framework curriculum is perfectly suited for senior monitoring staff, consultants, architects and product owners. The aim is to target participants that have the theoretical baseline around Event Management, but needs that extra boost of knowledge of how it’s done in real life. 

During the 3 days, our industry-leading expert in Event Management (who have been the lead architect in 15 successful rollouts) invites you to learn about: 

  • Identifying political show-stoppers and the people aspect of Event Management
  • Technical best practices when scaling Event Management
  • Designing operating- and maturity models built on the functionalities of Event Management as well as organizational aspects
  • Making a rollout plan from scratch, what to think about and create buy-in

Plus much, much more.

Attendees receives real practical challenges to resolve in groups and compete against each other. The bootcamp is a brain-booster which sharpens architect, strategic and technical skills to the max. And we promise; a lot of fun!


The first day is all about being holistic. Participants learn how to communicate the value around Event Management, capability blueprints, common showstoppers as well as important factors when creating operating models, rollout plans and generating organizational buy-in.

We unpack material based on over 15 rollouts, from strategic down to operational levels of an Event Management project. At the end of the first day, the attendees will be split up into groups and receive their challenge.

Day 2 is focused on the Event Management challenges. Real practical challenges on an advanced architectural level to solve in a group setting. Breakout rooms and discussions with teacher. 1-to-1 mentoring and A-game level coaching by some of the most senior profiles in the ServiceNow ITOM industry. 

Presentation by the groups of the results, approach, methodology and process. Round-table discussions & Feedback sessions between the groups. The different groups will get the opportunity to learn from each other as well as receiving strategic advice from our instructor. Finalized with a wrap-up of how to port the knowledge gained into immediate next steps.

Common questions

ServiceNow training is an excellent basis to form a broad theoretical understanding of Event Management and do technical exercises. However, the courses by ServiceNow is often developed with the end-goal of certifications in mind.

Our bootcamp ports that theoretical knowledge and apply it in a real-world setting. How Event Management is really done out at customers, project experiences and more elements.

Combining the ServiceNow training with our bootcamp is a perfect mixture and they complement each other well.

The bootcamp is done over zoom with up to 16 people and a teacher. During exercises and challenges we use Zoom break out rooms.

The bootcamp encourages an open forum for discussions and sharing experiences, hence the participants gets exposed to viewpoints from different industries and customer cases related to Event Management. But perhaps more importantly, it enables the participants to form new professional relationships in the ServiceNow ITOM community.

After the bootcamp, the participants will have an authentic and deep understanding of how Event Management is rolled out in “real-life” and not on paper. Participants will also learn about the political aspects of Event Management. Such as convincing monitoring teams, discussions around thresholds, working with resistance and influencing stakeholders in the right way.

In other words, the bootcamp makes you equipped to advice with confidence as you’ve learned from real-life examples.

As an added bonus, participants will have expanded their professional network in ServiceNow ITOM.

Yes! Contact us at ping@einar.partners. The group discounts starts at 5 people and we can also create completely exclusive bootcamp experiences for your company only.

Naturally we encourage all participants to be fully focused and commited to the bootcamp. There’s a total time investment of 16-20 hours.

With that being said, we know how busy work can be, and on day #2 and #3 there is some flexibility if you need to jump out here and there. 

About the bootcamp

Complement the theoretical knowledge of ServiceNow Event Management certifications with real-life, practical hands-on challenges in a competitive group-setting. 

Bootcamp category

ServiceNow Event Management (ITOM)

April 2022

20 - 22 April

May 2022

25 - 27 May

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Alexander Ljungstrom

– Strategic Advisor AI- & IT Operations @ Einar & Partners

With almost 8 years of direct experience with ServiceNow Event Management, and over 15 successful rollouts under his belt – Alexander bring real knowledge to the table. Highly skilled in leading group discussions, he facilitates an intellectually stimulating environment to those hungry to learn.

Currently the most senior strategic advisor at Einar & Partners, Alex have previously been responsible for Fujitsu’s ITOM Practice EMEA wide – and started his ServiceNow career in the ITOM team at ServiceNow directly. 


This is not a beginners bootcamp and we make a few assumptions on our attendees to ensure value-add. Namely participants should have:

  • Existing knowledge of the Event Management product in ServiceNow. High-level is fine but this is not a technical fundamentals course, so we assume there is a small baseline to start with. 
  • Previous experience with the ServiceNow product in one capacity or another
  • Experience with monitoring concepts is beneficial, for example SNMP traps, monitoring tools, event data etc
  • Medior/Senior level of experience in ITIL/ITSM
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Real knowledge, real data, real challenges. Instructor lead by acknowledged experts in the field, far away from theory.

Bootcamp category

ServiceNow Event Management

Available dates

20 - 22 April 2022 || 25 - 27 May 2022

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