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ServiceNow ITOM Trends 2023

New year means new opportunities. While we are headed into a new, turbulent year with a grim global economic outlook, ServiceNow ITOM and AIOps market is thriving more than ever before. Based on over 70 ITOM engagements over the past 24 months, we have benchmarked the current demand and trends in the market and created a Heatmap. Here are some insights on the trends and predictions in the Heatmap to follow for 2023. 

CSDM continues to be hot and trending

Large enterprises have increased interest in and adoption of ServiceNow CSDM. We expect this trend to continue in 2023 and beyond. Check our previous publication on why you should care about CSDM

Increased interest in AIOps solutions

We observe increased interest in ServiceNow Metric Intelligence. Advanced machine learning algorithms are used to analyze large amounts of metrics from the IT infrastructure to create dynamic thresholds for anomaly detection. Uncovering the blind spots in the complex enterprise IT landscape and to take proactive measures with the goal of preventing major outages and service disruptions. Take a deep dive in the world of ServiceNow Metric Intelligence with our Guidebook on AI and get more understanding in how AI transforms modern IT operations.

Growing convergence of ITSM and ITOM

The growing convergence of ITSM and ITOM represents a shift in the way organizations manage and deliver IT services, enabling intelligent automation and agility at scale in today’s digital landscape. This accelerated shift, along with the migration to the cloud, was kick-started by the global pandemic and still remains a key focus for many IT organizations due to the increased security demands it entails.

Expect big news from Einar & Partners Research Unit in 2023

We continue to progress at a rapid pace and achieve great results. Einar & Partners Research Unit will continue to provide unique insights in ITOM and AIOps based on real data and cases. As will be our new product and services that are going to be released soon. Continue to follow us and create a strategic edge for your business by making sense of ITOM and AIOps with us, while having access to world class ITOM and AIOps content.       

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