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Metric Intelligence

The ultimate deep-dive on the concepts of Metric Intelligence & AIOps in ServiceNow.

The guidebook covers over 35 pages packed with real tangible knowledge about ML, Anomaly Detection and how monitoring teams can shift to predictive operating models. All in the context of ServiceNow. 

Algorithms, what to expect, how to work with predictions, as well as the business-oriented aspects around ML-driven IT Operations. You’ll find it all here.

Our guidebook is aimed towards monitoring specialists, product owners, senior architects and other ML-interested professionals who wants to learn the fundamental building blocks of ServiceNow Metric Intelligence.

The content is written by leading industry-experts and researchers who have been on the fore-front of Metric Intelligence transformations. 

Access this unique knowledge completely for free.

SRE’s, Ops-Engineers, Consulants, Architects, Monitoring SME’s and other professional who have a keen interest in learning in-depth details about ServiceNow Metric Intelligence.

The world of IT Operations is moving towards relying on Machine Learning. This is especially true in ServiceNow ITOM. The guidebook is perfectly suited for professionals who wants to understand the bigger trends of ML and how it can be applied in IT Operations.

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Creating actionable predictions with ML

Everything about anomaly detection

The future of ITOM and how to adapt