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Demystifying Health Log Analytics & Predictive AIOps

Our expert panel discussion about Health Log Analytics and experiences around implementation, data science and best practices to boost AIOps. Conceptual, practical and real-life in a dynamic expert panel by National Grid, Logsight.ai and Einar & Partners. Description: How do

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Scaling CMDB Governance Successfully

Summary Loading data into the CMDB is easy, but scaling it across the organization is difficult. Many organizations struggle with too low adaption rates of the configuration management process and suffer from poor value. From a cultural perspective embedding the

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ServiceNow Discovery – is it worth the money?

A simple question with a complex answer? Discovery, perhaps the most expensive product in the ServiceNow portfolio, is always a hot topic among IT managers and budget makers. The relevancy of the CMDB, the cost behind rolling out discovery and

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Masterclass: Service Mapping Demystified

Welcome to our second masterclass about creating real value from the ITOM portfolio in ServiceNow. This particular masterclass will cover service mapping and the factors to consider for creating a successful rollout. The ultimate end-goal for any Service Mapping project

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