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AIOps Podcast: What, why & getting started

Alexander Ljungström, Managing Director at Einar & Partners is interviewed in the EDB 5.0 Podcast. The topic is a simple question with a complex answer; what is AIOps and how can you get started? In the podcast episode we cover areas such as:

  • What to expect from AIOps
  • How to get started and implement it
  • What type of people to hire
  • How to measure ROI

And many more topics. Listen to the podcast below.

We also recommend any readers to check out EDB 5.0 and their website.

The Zetabyte explosion is upon us. In 2018 the research company IDC came out with a report claiming that by the year 2025 we will be creating 175 Zetabyte of data on an annual basis worldwide. This is an incredibly large amount of data and is influenced by almost every action we take, active or inactive, in our daily lives. Writing this section for example creates data on the computer, in the cloud, it creates data with the ISP, the utility companies, the payroll department and so on and so forth. Likewise, everything within an IT organisation is creating some kind of data, be it through our own actions or through just regular operations. 

All this data that we get exposed to puts us in a situation where it gets very hard to absorb it, not to mention remember it and make decisions based on it. In psychology it’s called sensory gating, which is neural processes of filtering out redundant or irrelevant stimuli from all possible environmental stimuli reaching the brain.  

Computers however don’t have these kinds of filters, but we can create them, and we can create algorithms that help us make decisions based on data that we ourselves are unable to absorb on a personal level anymore. The big question is then, in what situations can we expect to apply such measures and what good can they do for us? Do we need any specific people hired to do that and what good will that do in the end? Maybe it’s better to just use plug and play solutions?  

It all boils down to things like return on investment (ROI) and time to market for most companies. How would you then go about in implementing some sort of AIOps solution for your organisation and how can it help with such things as monitoring and decision making in ITOM? Alexander answers all of these questions in the podcast linked in this article.  

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Who are we?  

Einar and Partners is a small but highly specialized company focused on the area of ITOM, IT Operations Management, where we provide advisory and guidance in how organisations are to implement solutions in that area. If you have any questions about AIOps or ITOM, don’t hesitate to contact us at ping@einar.partners and we will get back to you as soon as possible.