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Masterclass: Service Mapping Demystified


Welcome to our second masterclass about creating real value from the ITOM portfolio in ServiceNow. This particular masterclass will cover service mapping and the factors to consider for creating a successful rollout.

The ultimate end-goal for any Service Mapping project is to map infrastructure to the application layer automatically. However, there are many pitfalls, especially in a dynamic and DevOps-driven world of cloud and infrastructure.

Based on over 15 Service Mapping implementations and rich practical experience, industry-leading experts will share their lessons. In this fast-paced webinar by Einar & Partners and iTSM Group, we will cut to the chase of the strategies that work and what does not.

Who is the webinar for?

The webinar is aimed for decision-makers, experienced consultants, and platform owners who are planning to rollout Service Mapping in ServiceNow. During the one-hour session, listeners will find out about the organizational- & budget aspects for success, the technical hurdles to overcome, and proven models to formulate a rollout plan for Service Mapping.


We assume any attendees are already familiarized with the concept of ServiceNow discovery and what it does. If not click here to read more.


Alexander Ljungström, who previously worked at ServiceNow in the Service Mapping team and Fabian Kunzke, ITOM- & AIOps lead (iTSM Group), will disclose their knowledge without any sales-fuzz or reiterating product documentation.

Alexander Ljungstrom, Managing Director & ITOM enthusiast @ Einar & Partners.

Alexander Ljungstrom

“Having previously worked in the ITOM team at ServiceNow, leading the ITOM BU at Fujitsu and now days the forefront at Einar & PartnersAlexander have helped over 40 organizations transformed with ITOM & the ServiceNow platform.”

Fabian Kunzke, AIOps & ITOM Lead @ iTSM Group

Fabian Kunzke

“Fabian is the AIOps & ITOM lead at iTSM Group. With great technical experience in multiple large-sized ITOM rollouts, and avid community contributor, he gives a strong innovative and sharp technical view on the ITOM journey. “