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10 minute expert-talk about ServiceNow Discovery

In this 10-minute expert talk by Einar & Partners, we are covering the values and benefits behind ServiceNow Discovery. How come that companies choose to invest (and why should they invest). Our experts Alexander Ljungström & Michel Conter zoom in on the things that matters. During the expert talk we also cover the capability roadmap and when is a good time to start considering ServiceNow Discovery. 

So, briefly what is ServiceNow Discovery? 

Discovery is what ServiceNow is calling the process whereby a number of agentless (meaning no additional software needs to be installed on the devices),  steps are taken by which more or less anything using an IP-address on your network can be found, inspected, and catalogued according to the properties of said device.  

Why would we want to implement Discovery? 

Discovery is an automated process with schedules tailored to your needs that allow you to increase your data quality as well as shift focus from manual tasks of importing data to instead verifying data. Discovery can be a replacement to your existing integrations or import sources that not only implement your current solution of data import to your CMDB but also improve and expand on the data you have at your disposal. This is very much thanks to decreasing the amount of data sources to as few as possible, meaning there’s a decreased number of ways the data can be formatted, leading to higher quality of data, less customisations needed, and removes the human factor from the equation if any data is currently manually added to the CMDB. 

Discovery is also scalable to fit your organisation as it grows, be it with 100 servers or 1000 servers and network devices, or more, ServiceNow Discovery is able to handle it. Discovery also removes the need of integrating with a large amount of configuration managers, such as SCCM, DNA-C and so on, which in the long run will save on licensing cost.  

All in all, implementing Discovery helps with reducing risk and reducing cost of the IT organisation 

For further information about Discovery, see also the videos linked below where we touch upon things such as : 

Quantifying ServiceNow Discovery – ROI, Budget & Project Guidelines

  • The 4-axis value matrix of ServiceNow Discovery
  • Which type of IT organisations benefit the most from Discovery 
  • Return on investment (ROI) and how it realistically can be measured 
  • Exclusive release of “Discovery benchmarks data” based on real implementation projects 

Planning for ServiceNow Discovery Which covers the following areas involved in planning for a ServiceNow Discovery project: 

  • Values – What are the reasons the organisation wants to do a Discovery project? 
  • People – Who are and should be involved in the project? 
  • Process – What does it entail for the IT operations when a Discovery project is implemented? 
  • Technology – What technologies are or can be involved in running Discovery? 

If you are interested in what the next steps are after Discovery? Watch the Masterclass: Service Mapping Demystified  

Who are we? 

Einar and Partners is a small but highly specialized company focused on the area of ITOM, IT Operations Management, where we provide advisory and guidance in how organisations are to implement solutions in that area. If you have any questions about Discovery or ITOM, don’t hesitate to contact us at ping@einar.partners and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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