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Implementation Challenges: ServiceNow Discovery

What are some of the implementation challenges when it comes to ServiceNow Discovery? Einar & Partners Research Unit conducted an investigation on 13 discovery rollouts to try and categorize the primary challenges. Here are the results.


A majority of the responders (25%) found security as the most difficult hurdle to overcome. This includes but is not limited to access rights, segmentation of networks, storing of credentials and ensuring buy-in from the security team.

Are you curious how to have good security discussions for Discovery? Check out our video on the topic.


The second biggest hurdle from the responders was related to coordination. In a discovery project, the coordination piece is not to be underestimated. Coordination between the discovery admins, people who add credentials, CI owners to verify data and a multitude of other stakeholders.

Technical challenges

Despite being a highly technical area related to infrastructure, one of the least favourite choices was related to technical difficulties. This is consistent with our experience in implementations. In most of the cases, ServiceNow Discovery can discover almost any device and the methods of discovery is very flexible.