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Why should you care about CSDM?
why should we care about ServiceNow’s Common Service Data Model (CSDM)?
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Leading ServiceNow ITOM content
Webinars, blueprints and in-depth reports. We provide the ServiceNow ITOM eco-system with guidance that matters.
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Masterclass: Event Management in ServiceNow
The most comprehensive ITOM masterclass about rolling out ServiceNow Event Management successfully
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ITOM- & AIOps Research

Helping leading enterprises in transforming with ITOM

Scared of buying into buzzwords and hype? AIOps & ITOM can be expensive to rollout. Our research is based on realistic numbers, data and analysis from IT leaders and decision makers. We benchmark, measure and interview the right people at the right position to create an accurate representation of reality. Implementation time, time-to-value, budget and challenges during projects are collected in a truthful way.

ServiceNow Benchmarks

Industry-leading, unique and in-depth reports for benchmarks of ITOM implementation and projects. With our data decision makers tap into a network of data about hundred of implementations to make the right choices from the start.

ITOM Bootcamps

Implement new operating models based on proven success formulas. With Einar & Partners ITOM Bootcamps participants compete against each other. Cut through the sales-talk and get to the point straight away. Learn by doing - not reading.


Our masterclasses in ITOM & AIOps focuses on educating a wider audience about the realistic benefits, future and expectations of modern AIOps. Our masterclasses have been appreciated by thousand of attendees who wants to better their knowledge.


Our area of reporting focuses on analysis, breakdown and assessments of trends within the space of AIOps & ITOM. Neutral, independent and asking the right questions creates reports that decision makers can use directly for determining the right path forward.

Some of the areas we research innovate analyze

AIOps Strategy
We produce research around what strategies works best to successfully implement AIOps & ITOM in an IT organization.

ServiceNow ITOM
CMDB, Event Management, Anomaly Detection, Machine Learning, Observability, Discovery, Data Layers, Cloud Management.

Our Latest Research

Be part of transparency

Opening up the data of AIOps & ITOM transformations is our mission. Knowing the unknown is our goal.