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ServiceNow AIOps – Infographic Overview

What is ServiceNow AIOps? This is a question many people ask and to give a simple explanation. In this one-pager infographic, Einar & Partners Research Unit gives a complete overview of the most important components and element of ServiceNow AIOps.

Data layer & CMDB

The success of AIOps depends on the ability to connect multiple data-points.

Such as incidents, changes, configuration items and alerts into a single data model. ServiceNow is a single system of record, which means that all type of data can be shared in a single data-model.

A crucial success-factor for building the CMDB and data layer is Discovery.

Service Topologies

The service topologies are an important part of ServiceNow AIOps. How is the infrastructure connected to the application landscape? For this purpose Service Mapping exist, where IT departments can map their service landscape automatically.

Cloud services, on-prem services and microservices can be mapped.

Telemetry & Events

Receiving monitoring, logs and metrics to the ServiceNow CMDB is a crucial step in AIOps.

Through consolidating multiple monitoring sources and various metrics into a single-pane-of-glass, SRE’s and engineers get a complete overview.

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence is the part of ServiceNow AIOps which is responsible for machine learning and anomaly detection. Through algorithms event- & alert data is analyzed over time for anomalies, trends and patterns.

Anomaly alerts are then created based on deviations and outliers.


AI is easy, operations is difficult – they say. The automation piece of ServiceNow includes everything from automating remediation actions for alert responses to automatic incident resolution.


Perhaps the most important part of the eco-system is the people which will use the above. AIOps is not a tool, it’s a culture.

The ServiceNow AIOps proposition is there for only worth something if the cultural aspects are covered. In other words, in order to succeed with AIOps we need to change the operating model for different stakeholders and work with management of change.

Download the AIOps Infographic in high resolution