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ServiceNow Event Management

A journey on how to reach observability with the ServiceNow platform.

Through our guide you will learn how to truly succeed with Event Management and win over monitoring teams on your side. The perhaps most critical element of success when it comes to Event Management is not always around the tool but how to influence and win over people within your organization.

This easy guidebook is an in-depth report on all the steps on the way, the maturity model, common pitfalls, best practices and hidden secrets of the product.

An hour of reading time which can save your implementation significant money and time. Enjoy it completely for free, no strings attached.

Event Management Guidebook 2023 Einar and Partners Journey to Observability

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Based on real experience

Our guidebook is drafted based on real experience gathered from countless roll-outs of Event Management. We separate the product documentation and theory from what actually works in reality.

For both managers & technical staff

We combine the eyes and perspectives of the budget stakeholders with technical best practices. Together they form a strategic, easy-to-follow framework that can be directly copied and used.

Tangible tips & best practices

Learn how to directly translate the lessons learned to practical use. Through our guidebook you will have a clear vision, tangible steps and realistic expectations. Which can be directly translated to quicker implementations, better buy-in and cost-savings.