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What is the value of ServiceNow CSDM?

Help us discover the real value behind a CSDM success

What value does ServiceNow CSDM bring to your organization? Should you invest your time and resources in CSDM? Is it worth the effort? Decision makers and IT leaders often lack key insights into the tangible value and benefits of CSDM. Demonstrating the real value of CSDM is essential to making informed decisions.

We’ve extended you this exclusive invitation to answer key benchmarks related to CSDM projects and value. We want to discover what value can be expected from CSDM, what the business impact is, and how you can demonstrate the true value of CSDM.

It’s a small survey but with a big impact and should take no more than 20 minutes of your time to answer topics such as:

What are the primary drivers and outcomes of a CSDM project

What tangible value and benefits does CSDM bring

What is the impact of CSDM on your organization

What happens after the survey?

As a token of appreciation, you will get access to the final report, where you can compare your organization’s CSDM journey with others. Plus, we’ll throw in a free, no-strings-attached strategic session for you to discuss the results and gain valuable insights.

By the way, this is an anonymous survey. It is designed so that no one can be identified from the data. Yet with your help, we hope to give real transparency into the value behind a CSDM success.

We’d be honored to hear your story.

Take the Survey

We have carefully selected a group of industry leaders and experts to provide us with valuable insights into the current state of implementation of ServiceNow CSDM. Join our exclusive group of industry leaders by following the link below to access the survey (each answer and participant will be validated and carefully curated):

Not only will your contribution be greatly appreciated, but as a token of our gratitude, we will share the exclusive benchmarks based on the survey results with you so that you can gain a deeper insight into how you compare to yoewur peers. 

Einar & Partners Research Unit creates industry-wide ITOM implementation benchmarks so that key decision makers and IT leaders can take out guess work and make informed decisions based on real data.