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a practical deep-dive guide

A Comprehensive Guidebook on DORA and Operational Resiliency

About the report

Demystify the complexities of the European Union’s new IT regulatory framework, known as DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act), and discover the path to achieving operational resilience.

The guidebook is a deep dive into the DORA journey and is packed with valuable insights and tangible knowledge on reaching operational resilience for your business and meeting the DORA compliance requirements. 

This is the ultimate resource to learn how CMDB & CSDM in ServiceNow can help make your business resilient operationally and compliant with regulations such as DORA. Achieving that requires change, and it can be transformative. The guidebook offers practical steps and approaches to help you navigate through that demanding journey.

Gain a clear understanding of the business and organizational implications of DORA. Learn about what it takes to:

Authored by the Thought Leaders of Einar & Partners, renowned for their extensive expertise in DORA compliance, operational resilience, ServiceNow CMDB & CSDM, this in-depth guidebook serves as your trusted companion through the complex journey ahead.

For Who?

The guidebook is aimed at key decision-makers, consultants, enterprise architects, legal, ITOM SME’s, and professionals who have a keen interest in learning about DORA compliance and operational resilience with ServiceNow, particularly in the financial services sector. 

Will It Interest Me?

The regulatory push from the European Union has a far reaching impact. DORA is specifically aimed at the financial services sector. DORA touches upon any key decision maker or IT professional in this sector. The guidebook is here to get you up to speed in DORA and how to kick-start your journey, as the set deadline for it is tight and approaching fast (17th of January 2025).